Monday, November 30, 2009

"GOD!!"...Whenever i see this little word riding on a rickshaw passing by, playing in a park with a dirty little ball in his hand or whenever i see a butcher chopping sweet little gods at a roadside shop, i want to be thankful...but by the time I reach even the chicken in the god, in a manner of speaking, "god is dead".

You know, people say that there isn't a god... but its us who are watching them die everyday..who are watching them kill their own future ...or who we don't thank for giving birth to us in this beautiful world...

So above all, be thankful for every little thing that has ever happened to you...because that is who god is.


  1. nice one bro..... we often overlook each and every small thing God gives us that makes us comfortable and happy, and then lament that God doesn't listen to us.
    In each and every smile, in each and every triumph lies the presence of God.