Tuesday, December 23, 2014

मैंने और तुमने देखा
हमारे अक्स को फ़र्श पर
बेशरम होते हुए।
न रेशा था कोई कपड़े  का उन पर,
न लज्जा थी,
हाँ खुशबू थी,
जिसमे खो चुकी थी
हमारी परछाइयाँ।
वहीँ पास में रखा पलंग भी
रात भर बोलता रहा,
चीखता रहा,
एक अनसुना गीत गाता  रहा।
कुछ देर को ख़ामोश  होता,
तो झांकता चादरों के नीचे से हमें,
मैंने पहले कहा था,
ये जो रौशनी है,
ये बदनाम कर देगी हमें,
इन बड़ी खिड़कियों के पीछे से
ताकती रहीं इमारतें हमे
रात भर।


  1. I dont know how to explain this feeling. Cause I am feeling too much right now. I started following you on Insta cause you are the only designer who printed Bukowski on a shirt. I absolutely loved the concept. Cause I love Bukowski and everything about him. I was extremely curious to know more about you. After reading your blog I feel like I have known you forever. It's very strange. I love the fact that you write from your gut. Also, that you write in hindi. I wish I could meet you once and hear your poetry from you. Its intoxicating!

    1. Hi Varsha, Thank you for the sweet note, I feel loved, I would definitely let you know if any of my readings are coming up, and you could reach me at pranavhuemn@gmail.com
      Love! P