Thursday, January 22, 2015

3$ Chinese lipstick

16 people inside the room,
2 bartenders 1 bar manager,
and martinis, lots of it.
I reached late by about half an hour, but was early is what people told me. 
16 people make hell of a sound, 
sound of vodka being poured in the glasses,
sound of vodka going down the throats,
sound of people hugging,
few kissing,
I hugged too,
(my hug did not make that much sound,)
kissed too,
(it didn't either)
my kisses are the loudest when its showered on my Dog.
anyway sound of heels,
sound of toes struggling inside a few heels,
sound of that nail paint being chipped off a few toe nails inside those heels,
sound of people trying to settle in the crowd of 16,
sound of people trying real hard to settle in.
I stood by the bar after my round of hugging,
got my JUICE,
"what's that" pointing towards a weird purple screen of  a phone, Korean make.
She said "I don't know it stopped working,"
lady in blue jacket
She is my friend,
I kept looking at the phone.
and that's when she walked up to me.
long face, big eyes, stared at me,
big lips, warm, smiling, 
hugged again,
this time my kiss was loud, 
enough to bounce off her ears and reach till the ears of this other lady standing at the corner of the room,
she looked at me,
I smiled,
"how are you?"
is what the lady in the deep maroon dress asked me.
"I am good, how are you" I said
"You know I bought this lipstick last week,"
well this sounded interesting..
"ok then? " I said curiously
"Guess how much I paid for it 3$, I hope there is no poison in it"
"why would you say that" I asked
"because It's not going off"
"really?.. how many days has it been" I asked 
she ignored,
"I applied it 2 hours back, and it still sits perfectly, not even a stain on my glass"
"well it matches your dress, and you look beautiful."
then the sound of that smile,
sound of more people walking in,
sound of the lady in the corner of the room still looking at me,
I smiled again,
then the sound of some words "I hope there is no poison in it"
I turned and the lady in the deep maroon dress was talking to someone else now,

I turn towards the bar to get my JUICE again,
She walks upto me,
The lady in the blue jacket,
I know her really well,
how well, would be a little personal to tell you,
happy warm,
"if my lipstick is off because I am drinking, tell me,
I'll put it on again."
she said.
I said "no"
"I hope this starts working by tomorrow" she pointed towards her phone
"Get a Chinese one" I said
"really, no, I've heard it's not durable enough"
She said.
I laughed turned to the bar again,
hugged more,
kissed more,
and thought to myself
"I don't know how much of that is true,
पर china का माल कहीं तो टिक गया है। 

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