Monday, January 4, 2016


गली के उस कोने में जो आख़री मकान है,
मटमैला Pink 
उसके कोने की टूटे plaster के बुरादे में सुराख़ कर,
मैंने देखा, तो एक पांच महीने की चीटी अपने पंख फैला कर वहीँ उड़ना सीख रही थी ,
चीटी, उड़ना? WTF!
मैं वहीँ बैठ गया, 
वो बार बार गिरती, फिर उठती,
फिर गिरती, फिर उड़ती,
आँखों को टपटपा कर मुझे देखा उसने कई  बार,पर  फिर उड़ती 
तभी एक दूसरी चीटी जो उससे उम्र में कुछ एक आध महीना बडी होगी,
आई,     मटमैली Pink 
चीटी, मटमैली PInk ? WTF !
अच्छा उड़ने वाली अब उड़ रही थी,
भला उड़ने वाले को कोई रोक पाया है आज तक?
वो तो बस रेंगते है कुछ लोग दुनिया में, तो घिस जाते है, रेंगते रेंगते। 
उड़ते उड़ते मेरे कान के पास आई, और बोली "you are fucked up, you're weird"
I said NO, I'm no Fucked up, and look at you all proud just cause you can fly, no one gives a shit about you flying, you flying fuck.
and then she SPAT, motherfucker spat on my face.
I remember at a station I had seen a guy spit that thick once , like Cum, more sticking, 
and yellow, (मटमैला)
I lost it,
I spat back on her, I spat on her back, I spat on her ass.
and then while all this is happening, the ant on the floor, the dirty pale pink one, looked at me just as I was about to pick a stone to hit that other ant with, the spitting one.
and said "she loves you", 
I said "No, she spat on me"
"That's how we love, make love, how do you think we multiply," she said 
I was like will I get pregnant now, with an ant baby?
She said "yes, unless you're wearing it"
I said what? a condom? on my face?
She said "No a mask."
I said " No, that's my real face, I don't have masks,"
She said but everybody else has, different faces, how do you think they don't get pregnant when we spit on them.
I sat there for a while, The spitting ant had flown by then to spit on someone else I guess.
I need a mask,
I need a face, I thought.
but is it too late now, or is it that bad to give birth to an ant baby.
Fucking bastard!, 

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