Sunday, January 24, 2016


बड़ी ज़ोर की आवाज़ आई,
मैं toilet  में था,
कुछ ज़रूरी काम से,
नहीं, बड़ी ज़ोर की आवाज़ आई बाहर कमरे से,
मैं निकला तो देखा,
आज शाम गिर पड़ी थी मेरे बिस्तर पर,
मैंने पूंछा चोट तो नहीं आई तुमको?
कल गलती से खिड़की के किनारे मैंने bed लगा दिया था अनजाने में. Sorry !
वो बोली नहीं कुछ, बस मुस्कुराई, और कपडे उतारने लगी अपने,
मैं competitive कम  तो हूँ नहीं,
तो मैं भी उतारने लगा कपडे अपने,
देखते ही देखते, हम रूबरू थे बिना नक़ाब के एक दुसरे से,
हाँ एक पारदर्शी chiffon सिल्क की lingerie अभी बाकी थी जो शाम पहने थी,
और बोली, तुम उतार दो,
मैंने कहा मुझे पांच minute दो, please  कुछ काम अधूरे हैं अभी toilet में जिन्हे मैं पूरे कर आता हूँ,
वो बोली वक़्त नहीं है मेरे पास, अभी रात आती होगी,

so, I got in bed with her,
I have been wanting to,
but all my evenings are mostly at work and by the time I get home everyday, it's already dark
and she is never there in the dark,

I said, this is so good,
and each time I said that she kept going lower and lower,
the sun was setting outside.

वक़्त नहीं है अपने पास, she said वो आती होगी,
she kept going lower and lower,
I said that's it,
that's where it is,
Yes, that is it, she put me in her mouth, and that was the best,
better than fucking anything ever,
and then she started going lower again ,

No No No     NO,
wait, I said
but she wouldn't listen and kept going lower and I started moving with her,
because as I said that was so good.
and we both were now on the floor.

it's getting dark वो आती होगी, she said
and she looked at me, as we were next to a wall now
I said don't STOP,

and she started crawling up the wall,
I wish I knew how to I reached out as far as I could with my legs in the air putting my handstand skills to some good use.

then I stopped feeling it,
I looked up
It was dark,
she was gone, वो नहीं थी,
मैं अपने बिस्तर की तरफ मुड़ा तो देखा,
रात थी वहां,
कुछ पहने नहीं थी,
हाँ एक पारदर्शी chiffon सिल्क की काली  lingerie ज़रूर थी,
बोली तुम उतार दो,
and then I got in bed with her.
she had time, a lot of time.

but when there is time it's never so good.

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