Friday, June 10, 2016

Pink Dogs, Lilac Cats

Have you ever wondered,
the colors that must have been 
in the Black & white age.

What if the grass was never green,
and the blood was yellow.
the pumpkins on Halloween red,
and when you cut them,
they bled.
what if the dirt and the dust and all that you wash
was colorless, 
you know, like water.

what if they actually meant when they said 
that thing about the grass being greener... crap

have you ever wondered,
about the blacks and the whites,
and others in between, 
in the black & white age,
what if we all were just shades of grey.
and dogs pink,
cats lilac,
and giraffes..
just tall as they are today,
I can't visualize giraffes any other way. sorry!

Have you ever wondered about the milk 
in the black & white age?
what if it was beige, or blush.
what if shit was never yellow,
and chocolate was,
what if we turned blue,
when we kissed in 
the black & white age.

I'd never know,

what if Chaplin's mustache 
was just a patch of grass
in the black & white age,

You'd never know

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