Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Am I making sense?

"बाहर का तापमान -४० degree celsius है,
पर आपकी सुविधा के लिये,
हमने विमान का तापमान २४ डिग्री रखा है। 
आशा करते हैं... "
मैंने toilet का दरवाज़ा अंदर से lock कर लिया,
और खुद को unzip,
कुछ गीले tissues जो flush नहीं होने थे,
और न हुए, पड़े थे commode में,
किसी की गलतियों पे पर्दा डाल कर,
I pissed,
and I flushed, 
and came back to my seat,
"Sir, veg or non veg?"
I said "veg"
he gave me a tray and then asked my co-passenger the same question,
he said "non veg"
and then a few said veg and a few said non veg,
I could hear two people talk as I ate,
they were sitting two rows behind me,
and they discussed money,
they discussed analytics, 
one of them worked for Fed-ex,
and he was telling his friend how he could save money for his company because of analytics,
how he could save money on the fuel spent by the company, every time a truck went for delivery
and it made sense, 
he had a weird accent,
his friend was polite and so I could not hear him,
I finished eating,
and closed my eyes,  
but couldn't sleep,
the guy with the accent was loud,
then someone farted,
though it was not loud, 
it was bad, I swear.
It was toxic, 
it was the smell of food that would rot in your stomach for weeks,   

"This is your captain,
We have a medical emergency, 
Do we have a Doctor on board?,
I was out of breadth by then,
"Please recognise yourself, 
a passenger is feeling breathless,
we have a medical emergency"  The captain said,

someone did get up, and the patient did get help,
and I sat through that smell at 24 degree celsius, and 10,200 meters above sea level

The guy with the accent was now talking of the demonetisation, 
and was not making sense, 

but then if you talk too much, you stop making sense after a while,

Am I making sense?

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